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We are two sisters who’ve always been involved with and interested in sports, fitness, wellness and natural living. Our life experiences have culminated in creating a space where people in recovery from illness or living with chronic illness can find answers to questions pertaining to their health and wellness journey, as well as connect with others who’ve had similar experiences. Our goal is to help others TRANSCEND their limitations, and move toward wholeness.


Cyndi Myers

Master Usui Reiki Practitioner under Melissa Crowhurst, Reiki Master

Certified Crystal Reiki Master

Member, International Reiki Organization

I am a woman, a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend. I believe my calling in life is not only to live MY best life, but to help others to do the same. From my many years in Public Policy working for non profit organizations, to becoming a personal trainer and providing health screenings for a local health insurance company, to becoming a certified Reiki energy healer, I have dedicated my life to helping others get on track with their health and wellness. 

In March 2014, my life took a dramatic turn after being diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).  After over 2 years of chemotherapy, steroids and radiation, my body was unrecognizable. I had gone from being very active and fit to losing all muscle in my body and suffering from a myriad of ailments as my internal organs tried to right themselves. I am only now finding a bit of relief, after searching for over 7 years for the right practitioner and right solutions.

My experiences have taught me that our healthcare system is very disjointed and compartmentalized. I want to help empower YOU to navigate the gaps and find just the right solutions for YOUR health and wellness concerns.

Join us for a transcendent journey!


Leslie Flynn

Certified Health Coach
Certified Personal Trainer
PN Level 1 Nutrition Certified Coach
TRIBE Team Training Coach
Barefoot Training Specialist Level 1

I’m a mother, wife, dog-lover, health and nutrition coach, personal trainer and fitness enthusiast who is very passionate about whole body health and well-being. I never thought I’d be so immersed in the health and fitness industry for my entire adult life when my career began over 20 years ago, but my life experiences led me to this path and I’ve never looked back.


My journey to understanding that health and wellness isn’t just about fitness - or how you look on the outside - began in college after putting on the proverbial “freshman 15”, having no real idea what healthy eating and exercise looked like. My sophomore year proved to be the turning point for my health, and in more ways than one. I returned to playing a competitive sport, which led to a more structured fitness routine and stronger focus on eating healthy foods. Unfortunately I also learned how to binge and purge, leading to years of struggling with an eating disorder. 

Through therapy, and much soul searching and self-discovery, I was able to develop a healthy relationship with food and exercise. This ultimately sparked my passion for whole health, which I discovered was nutrition, fitness and, most importantly, a wellness mindset. Little did I know this passion would become my career as well! 

My hope is to use these life experiences to help take YOU on a journey into your own health and wellness.

Together we can lift each other up and TRANSCEND into wholeness!


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