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What is A Health Coach Anyway?

By Leslie Flynn & Cyndi Myers

So your body has been through the wringer, working with health care professionals to reverse your illness or, at a minimum, to keep it at bay. It’s hard work…exhausting and draining. Now, on the other side of your illness is the daunting prospect of recovery. I say “daunting” because it’s just that. Despite the hail of applause when you left your last chemo treatment or the reassuring smile on your doctor’s face after they’ve joyfully proclaimed “you’ve made it!”, you’re left without a map on the (oftentimes) long road to recovery. You HAVE made it, and that’s amazing! But, now what?

OR, have you been thinking of making some lifestyle changes, hoping your New Year’s Resolution comes to fruition? THIS is the year after all, right?? Do you make a new resolution EVERY New Year’s Eve, only to see the dream fizzle after a few short weeks? Do you also get frustrated with yourself when you reflect upon what happened come March, after your well-laid plans are long gone in the rearview mirror?

The question ultimately and inevitably becomes, “where do I go from here?” How do I right my body and my mind?

Enter, your health coach.

Health Coaching 101

Many chronic degenerative diseases - think diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, and even long covid - can be prevented or controlled by modifying your lifestyle. We all know that smoking, eating processed foods and drinking too much alcohol all have significant negative health consequences. But, changing those habits can be tricky. For instance, how many times have you tried the latest diet fad, only to be disappointed, leading you to give up on changing your diet altogether? Or, how many of us have purchased a gym membership, used it frequently for the first couple of months, then let the habit slowly fade away (all the while still paying the monthly fee!)?? And, if you’re smack in the middle of recovery from an illness, I would venture to guess the likelihood of both of those scenarios playing out is much higher, as you’re digging far deeper to find the motivation to maintain these healthy habits.

What I found in my leukemia recovery (and still 5+ years out) is that my body is no longer the same body it was before my illness. So, why was I treating my recovery like it was? I desperately needed someone else to help me navigate this new me, as my mindset hadn’t shifted in ways that supported my current body. That’s where health coaching has helped me, and I know it can help you, too!

A certified health coach is trained not only to create a lifestyle plan designed specifically for you, but also to help you every step of the way toward achieving your goals. What’s more, working with you, a health coach will provide you with the tools to understand what works for your body and how to be successful for the long term.

But, you wonder, how will a health coach actually change the outcome?

Like any other life challenges we face, we are naturally drawn to seeking the opinions, suggestions and advice of friends and family. It’s comforting to sometimes just say things out loud, connecting with those around us and finding some solace in simply releasing the worry or frustration. But, what I’ve often found is, while that does bring some comfort, sticking to a plan of action isn’t always as easy. A certified health coach is not only knowledgeable about a wide range of health concerns, but offers guidance, support and, most importantly, accountability as well. Whether your goal is losing weight, improving digestion, reducing stress, or boosting energy, a health coach will support you in developing sustainable lifestyle changes that work for YOU by:

  • Giving you customized tools and strategies to support your healing.

  • Inspiring you so you understand that healing is possible.

  • Shining a light on unhelpful patterns in your life and, at the same time, on your amazing potential.

  • Helping you work through the things blocking you from healing.

  • Helping you to create realistic routines and accountability to yourself through progress tracking.

  • Most importantly, providing just the right level of guidance so that YOU are the captain of your own ship; YOU are the person who gets to heal you!

If this speaks to you, I strongly encourage you to think about your own personal goals and maybe start by writing them down. Leave them where you’ll see them every day, and when you’re ready, take the leap! Transcend Mind & Body Wellness is here to help you revive that dream of feeling well and whole, and create a plan that actually works for YOU! Together we will create goals, empowering you to take charge of your wellness while providing you with the right tools, support, and accountability you need.

Take the first step toward better health and schedule a free 20-minute discovery call with Leslie today!


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