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 “Just for today, do not anger. Do not worry, and be filled with gratitude. Devote yourself to your work and be kind to people.” ~ Dr. Mikao Usiui, Founder of Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese spiritual healing technique where practitioners can help your body heal using energy. “Rei” translates to “universe” or “life force,” and “ki” translates to the physical energy of the body (also known as qi). Put together, Reiki translates to “universal life force energy.” Simply put, Reiki is pure energy, and a Reiki practitioner directs this life force energy right to you during a session. Cyndi is a Usui Reiki Master and will work with you to promote healing, relaxation, and to reduce stress and anxiety. 


Distance Reiki healing is just as effective as an in-person session, as energy is all around us at all times. Your session will include a 5-10 minute check-in via video or phone prior to your healing session so Cyndi can gain an understanding of what your needs are, followed by a 25 or 55-minute distance healing treatment. 

Please be sure to choose a day and time when you are not distracted and have an opportunity to really relax. I will perform a traditional treatment as if you were lying on my table!

* Please plan for an extra 10 minutes after your session to allow your energy to continue to flow freely.

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