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 “An interior is the natural projection of the soul.” ~ Coco Chanel

Interior design is a powerful tool. It has the power to have a profound impact on our quality of life by influencing and taking charge of the way we feel. If you really pay attention to your body’s reaction when you step into a space, you may notice that each space creates an internal shift of some sort. A space that is cluttered, untidy and unorganized can create a feeling of anxiousness and stress. A space that is inviting, uncluttered and filled with colors you’re drawn to and items that are discernible and pleasing to your eyes, on the other hand, tends to create a sense of peace, happiness and calm. 


I can help you create spaces in your home that evoke a sense of serenity, peace and happiness by reflecting who YOU are through color, tile and textile choices, furniture placement and accessories. Whether it’s just one space you’ve been stuck on or your whole home, I will help you understand not only what your personal style is, but what makes you feel restored and right at home as well.


A holistic approach to interior design promotes harmony and balance both externally and internally. Let me help you create a home brimming with function and connection to your authentic energy and style.


Contact me for a FREE Design Consultation to begin your life-changing journey boosting your mind, body and spirit! 

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